May 26, 2009

the last e-mail I received was for a trip to Jamaica, and the very first thing you read is “OMG”, I have to tell you that I can’t respond to you if this is what you desire to use. It offends me greatly. This is my Heavenly Fathers Name and I call upon him daily to help me and my family and many others I know including our soldiers, and Pres. of the United States. How will he know if we use his name so loosly and irrevently if we need his help or using it so carelessly. So many use it in such negative and filthy ways and we must not weather you believe in him or not his name must be kept sacred and not thrown around so carelessly, I love him and he is who I pray to daily, I need him by my side, I ask you to please not use his name this way again.


Prurient fools.

May 19, 2009

The offers I wouldn’t accept includes a misnomer: the content is not adult, it is pornography.

I am an adult and I do not want it in my home, my neighborhood, my town, my county, my state, my country.

Adults have no use for it; only prurient fools.

A bunch of Monkeys.

May 14, 2009

Did you read my email? What the hell are you a bunch of monkeys having sex and eating bananas?
Wat a bunch of morons.
If you hadn’t noticed I’m pissed off so go F* yourself and quit cheating me.
I did what you Fin said, you guys are dicking around, so quit this shit

Reward money.

May 8, 2009

I ordered netflix for 6 monthe to have P.I. find my son.Nothing happened except tsaking the money out of my ss. check.I bought something else I can’t remember but still nothing. I’m suffering from advanced glacoma and benn given 2 years till I’m blinb.I just want to see him once more.You keep the REWARD money, he decided not to show up at his PO each week.I haven’t seen him since 2004.Whats strange is he has keep the same cell. You can have the 10,000.00 that on his head all I want is him in west oak.


May 4, 2009

I don’t think I want to buy anything, anyway.  But I am worried if I sign up for this, what if there is someone looking at what I am doing in my email account from some other computer that  I do not know about that could make changes in entries I submit or delete or send emails when I am not the one doing it.  I didn ‘t give anyone my password, but sometimes, often, in fact, it seems as if there is someone else in my email.


May 1, 2009

I have no problem adjusting my cookies if only someone would tell me how to do this. . . where are these cookies. . . how do I adjust them… . if I can find them, I will adjust &/or verify that my browser accepts them. .. if these were chocolate chip, I would know what to do!!

Call Heaven

April 27, 2009

Yeah well my mom is dead so unless you can call Heaven please don’t send me those kind of emails. OK? I wouldn’t do it to you.